Building You Successful Amazon Store
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★ Who is Izabella Ritz?

★ She was born in Russia and moved to the US in 2015 with her three wonderful children.
★ Determined, she started Amazon business in 2015 with her last $5,000 achieved her first return of $14,000. Before her success, she was cheated for $100 000 by someone she trusted. This did not stop her determination.
★ Successful Entrepreneur and Business coach since the early 2000s.
★ Created her first business, a coaching center, at 17 years old and sold it out for her first million rubles ($35,000) at only 18 years old
★ She was involved in hundreds of e-commerce projects and ran her businesses through internet marketing where she gained experience of SEO, advertising, scoping virtually any type of business
★ Stead participant of the biggest conferences all over the word
★ An extremely strict and disciplined business coach
★ Passionate about successful customer’s stories
★ Motivational and Business Speaker
★ Has a strong and leading personality
★ She never gives up

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